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Website stats – Did you Know?

Wi-Fi and mobile-connected devices generate 68% of all internet traffic. There are 3.26 billion internet users as at December 2015; that’s over 40% of the world population. Asia, as a continent, has the most internet users. It accounts for 48.4% of global internet users. China, as a country, has the most internet users; with an estimated 640 million internet users, the number of internet users in China is twice the number of the entire U.S population. China has the highest percentage of internet [...]

Outgoing mail servers

Outgoing mail server for your email account

How many times have you tried to setup your email account, but don’t have a clue to what the outgoing mail server is? SMTP settings are simply your outgoing mail server settings; this particular protocol only works for outgoing messages. Most email software is designed to use SMTP for communication purposes when sending email. POP3 and IMAP are two other protocols which are the incoming settings used for retrieving and storing email with mail software. These settings are required to properly set [...]


Social media, can it effect sales?

“Can social media effect sales?”  Businesses are generating more leads and closing them faster with social media integration. They’re learning how to earn a RESPONSE from potential clients and close them.  Realizing the effects blogs and Facebook accounts have on their sales and taking the necessary steps to make social media produce leads they can work with. Question: “What is my SOCIAL MEDIA accounts impact on sales?”  Answer: It creates leads and sales. So why aren’t you getting more leads and sales with social media? Probably because you are still asking what [...]

pop and imap

How Do POP and IMAP Compare?

Pop and Imap ?! If you have ever set up an email client or app, you will have certainly come across the terms POP and IMAP. If you are not quite sure what these terms stand for and how each affects your email account, this article will shed some light. The article explains how POP and IMAP work and will help you decide which one best fits your needs. IMAP is short for Internet Message Access Protocol, while POP translates to [...]


Reduce Data usage on your mobile Phones

Note: Reduced data usage will vary, but using these five steps literally cut my data usage in half. Feel free to adapt these tips for the specific apps you use the most or your particular usage habits. Compressing Chrome pages can have some huge data savings. / © ANDROIDPIT 1. Compress Chrome pages will Reduce Data Usage Assuming you use Chrome for all your web traffic, this tip alone can reduce data usage up to  30-35 percent of your mobile browser consumption. Compressing Chrome pages, now [...]