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Project Description


We at Mystique Nails provide various services to our clients. From massage, spray tanning to facials and make-up.

We also specialize in maintaining the health of our customer’s nails. We do this by providing cuticle care and doing hand, foot, and calf massages. We will also apply scrubs, moisturizers, and wax dips to our customer’s feet with the goal of increasing our customer’s comfort.

Courses we offer





Eyelash application

Eyebrow and lash tinting


Injection free Botox

Spray Tan

Hot Stone Therapy


We do any kind of nail sets, overlays and fills, please contact us for more details

 Spray Tanning

Stay out of the sun but have that awesome tan that turns heads all year round with our spray tan option.

Facial & Make-up

Come and relax for a facial or let us do your make-up for your special occasion.

How to Care for Acrylic Nails

Keep your nails as dry as possible. You don’t want your acrylic overlays lifting, which is exactly what happens if your hands and nails are constantly wet. To keep your overlays from lifting, try:

  • Drying your hands thoroughly with a cloth or paper towel whenever you wash your hands, step out of the shower, or go swimming.
  • Wearing rubber or latex gloves whenever you’re doing the dishes.
  • Dusting your hands with a bit of baby powder if you have naturally moist hands. The baby powder helps wick away any moisture.

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Bacteria can attack your natural nails quite easily, leading to damage and infection.  Make sure to wash your hands, or alternate washing your hands, with an antibacterial soap to cut down on the possibility of bacterial infection.

Fix damaged nails sooner rather than later. If you chip a section of your nail, go back to the salon and have a beautician take a look at it. Many salons will fix nails that break a few days after your initial appointment, and if not, they should charge less for a quick fix than they would normally.

Only use non-acetone nail polish remover. If you do decide to take off paint, don’t reach for any old remover. Acetone can make acrylic deteriorate, making it a bad go-to for acrylic nails. Instead, look for nail polish remover that conditions your nails and cuticles while it wipes away the paint.

Keep an eye out for dryness, redness, or peeling of the skin. Look for dryness, redness, or peeling of the skin around your acrylics. This may be a sign of contact dermatitis, a sign that your skin does not react well to acrylic.  If your skin does not respond well to acrylics, that might be a sign to discontinue use.

Apply lotion to hands and in between fingers to prevent dryness. Overly dry hands could ruin the look of the acrylic. On the other hand, bacteria and fungi breed in damp places, so try not to allow your hands to stay moist for long periods of time.

Oil your nails once or twice per day to maintain the flexibility of the nail.  Nails that aren’t cared for have a greater chance of becoming rigid and, eventually, broken. Oil your nails with a neutral oil such as rapeseed oil.


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