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Once Off PaymentNo Monthly InstallmentsR18000.00

  • Setup fee R 9000.00 on Order
  • R 9000.00 on Completion
  • Free Hosting for 24 Months
  • Free Registration

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  • Looks and feels like a mobile App without the download issues
  • Payment gateways,
  • Databases,
  • User registrations,
  • Automatic invoices,
  • Automatic newsletter,
  • SEO Tools,
  • SEO Implementation,
  • Contact Forms,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Social Publicize,
  • Captcha Support,
  • Email Accounts.
  • And Many More
  • *Design time is a minimum of 8 weeks

Mobile Web APP

The Mobile Web App is designed to have all the functionality of an Android or IOS Mobile App but without the issue of downloading it or the hefty price that goes with it. Web Apps will become increasingly more popular then the old traditional mobile apps that have restrictions, use lots of data and costs an arm and a leg.

The Mobile Web Application package is put together with the best graphic design done on images, for faster loading times on Mobile devices.  What sets this package completely apart from the rest is the pure and powerful design that goes into the coding and database. If you are a customer that only wants the best and needs the best website / web app for your money then this web application package will do it for you.

We can not list all possible features as there is too many to mention. If you are looking for a web application with a certain functionality that is not obtainable or included in  normal shopping (e-commerce website) then this is for you. We will custom code your feature for you.

  • Note that all the features listed can not all be implemented at the same time there is still limits to how many features and functionality can be obtained with one design
  • Please note we do not allow sending of mass mail or newsletters, My Mail and Sendgrid can be integrated for this option.

Design time : +- 8 Weeks *this is a minimum estimated time frame