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Project Description

AIM Centre

A place where amazing things Get Done!

African inspiration and motivation centre is a training consulting company, specialising in many disciplines

We bring legends from around Africa to inspire and motivate our audiences. Our Chosen Motivational Speakers are highly credible and charismatic individuals/groups who have won the hearts of Africans in our continent. These are the type of people who host sold out shows.

Skills development

We assist organisations by conducting needs analysis on their workforce. We perform skills audit in order to identify skills gabs within departments.

Facilitation of training programmes

We present courses on behalf of our clients. Our Clients focus on production while we handle the training side of things.

Where is the gap in the market?

The market lacks a personal touch with the speakers. Q and A sessions are not initiated. The Speaker takes over the stage and leaves the audience in applause whilst others may need further advice and guidance.

How will the gap be filled?

Q and A sessions. Our programmes will be structure in such a way that we are able to accommodate a reasonable amount of questions from the audience.

Keep People’s Motivation High

Do your Employees know and understand The Vision of the Company? Are they MOTIVATED to work towards it? Talk to us. Our Motivation Division will visit your company for an obligation free Needs analysis. Terms and conditions apply. Experts in People Development and Motivation What is Motivation? Motivation is defined as the Intrinsic and extrinsic factors that stimulate desire and energy in human beings to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain […]

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