Elanza Prinsloo – Modeling

Project Description

 Elanza Prinsloo, I was born in Kempton Park.

A town just outside the greater Johannesburg, the daughter of Johan and Daleen Nortjie. I have 2 siblings, Jean-Pierre my elder brother 3 years older than me and my twin sister, Wanique.

Since a very young age in my life I realized how much I would like to follow my career in modelling. At the age of 17, I joined Chrome model school and completed my course successfully at the end of October 2014.  Elanza love being photographed and feel at my best in front of the camera. With both my feet firmly on the ground I will always be humble before God as my maker and never look down on His creation.

During Elanza’s graduation from modelling in October 2014, She was noticed by South African movie Director Renaldo Emile Kell, who offered her a great opportunity in his movie, Bush Knife: The Rise. 1stNovember 2014 was the first for me on the set, though I was very nervous it was a great experience.

A message for your fans.

Guys a few of my values that I would like to share with you. You live only once and not every one of us has the same opportunities, but everybody alive was given the opportunity to live. Live it well as you only live once, try what you want and hold on to the good. Don’t judge anyone by what you can see, most of the time you will see masks. Let your beauty be from inside as it is the beauty that will last for ever. If something is worth fighting for, it is worth keeping. Don’t let your success change what you are. See the beauty in other as you would like them to see it in you. Appreciate the people in your life as God handpick them for you, so make them complete by generate the best from them. Never stop loving unconditionally as it is the only thing worth living and dying for.

Last but not least I want to thank everyone that supports me and helps me feeling at my best.

Love you all my Friends

Elanza Prinsloo


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