Fairy World SA

Project Description

Fairy World SA – Dion Denton

Welcome to Fairy World South Africa!

We are going to create a new world currently unknown to anyone…a world filled with wondrous creatures, fairies and stories. A world that will capture your imagination and help you live out your wildest dreams!

Join us in this amazing adventure of a lifetime and use your creativity to make the images in your mind come to life! Help us create something wonderful…something that is truly South African.

How to create a fairy or creature?

Here are a few tips on what to do and how to do it for artists:

  • Research indigenous plant and animal life in South Africa
  • Decide on what type of fairy or creature you want to create
  • Choose your category from the list to see where your fairy or creation will fit in
  • Combine the two and start creating – anything goes as there is no right or wrong
  • Use your imagination but do not copy artworks from other artists. Simply use their images as inspiration
  • Once your creation or artwork is finished, use the 5 W’s to give us a background story of your fairy or creature
  • Fill in the Information Page and create a name for your fairy
  • Convert your image to .jpg and/or .psd
  • Make your payment
  • Upload your image

How to write a folklore story or myth?

Here are a few tips on what to do and how to do it for writers:

  • Do some research to see what currently exists
  • Decide if you want to enter an existing story or if you want to create your own
  • If you decide to use an existing story, please give credit where credit is due via a citing to the originator
  • If you decide to make up your own story, please take care of what you write so as not to damage any tradition or cultural belief system in the process
  • Talk to elderly people. Ask them to share their stories from when they were little
  • Write your story by using the guidelines as per the Rules and Regulations criteria
  • Fill in the information page so that we have your contact details
  • Scan your story in .pdf format
  • Make your payment
  • Upload the story with the correct reference number and information sheet attached