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Project Description

Gifts – JS Design – Unique Gifts For Any Occasion

We specialise in unique gifts for any occasion (birthday, anniversaries, weddings, corporate functions) which will make your celebration even more special. We take pride in finding the right gift for you. So if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for please visit or contact us and we will happily assist. Our speciality is however imported pewter that we have made affordable and exclusive.

Our wide variety of products also include: home interior decor items such as ornate mirrors, runners, crockery, scented candles, diffusers, wall clocks, glass domes, cake stands, jugs, decanters, wine coolers and many more. We also stock an assortment of delicacies made from fresh rose petals and have introduced beautifully packaged condiment boxes which make an ideal gift.

Gift Ideas

Our gift sets are presented in 100% handmade gift packaging that is recyclable and deliberately multi-purpose. Handmade by its very definition means a delightful uncertainty when it comes to uniformity and tangible evidence that a human hand has carefully made the item.


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