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Mining Equipment – Ventserve

Ventserve is a prominent manufacture, supplier and service partner of ventilation and dust suppression equipment to the mining industries. We also service and supply filtration equipment, and the most reliable, highly effective pumps for the removal of slurry.

Ventserve strives towards maintaining the highest standards in Colliery Enviromental Engineering by constantly improving on already advanced equipment servicing our clients’ needs, developing our staff and being extremely environmentally conscience.

Ventserve aim towards being the preferred partner in the manufacture, supplies and service of ventilation and dust suppression equipment as well as filtration equipment for the  mining industry.

AJ Swanepoel who has vast experience in mine ventilation established VENTSERVE CC in March 1991. The main objective was to provide a ventilation and dust suppression consultancy service to the mines as well as representing various companies in the field of mine ventilation equipment and acting as their agent.

The company has grown substantially and, due the increased demand expanded its activities to the supply of products regarding safety, health, dust suppression, manufacturing and construction etc.Various products have been developed, patented and manufactured and are being applied most successfully in the field of mine ventilation, dust suppression and in the construction field.

Giel Visser was first employed at Escom Matla Power Station for seven years where he worked as an artisan on their Slurry and Dust plant. After this he spent a year at Tamrock-Voest Alpine as a technician on the field service team. In 1998 he took up a position at Engart-Africa, which specializes in onboard dust suppression systems. After a short period as technician he was promoted to Field Service Co-ordinator. A Sales and Project Engineer position was offered to him at Howden Head Office after which he resigned in March 2005 to take up a position as owner of VENTSEVE CC.

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