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Project Description

Phoenix Hair Academy

We are leading hair stylists and has been at the forefront of hair dressing, servicing the heads of Witbank since 1995.

The result was a successful unisex hair dressing salon with a dynamic and modern team of hair stylists, which has grown from strength to strength. At Phoenix Hair Academy the team of hair stylists provide hair services in cutting, colour, highlights, blow wave, styling, technique cutting, fashion cut & colour and make overs.

The Hair Academy is constantly evolving artistically and commercially, with the latest product ranges, offering hair stylists the best training and education.

Part of the Phoenix Hair Academy’s experience is the thorough consultation every client is treated to, which covers their lifestyle, skin colour and tone, hair type, personal style, and haircut to ensure that the best results are achieved. A visit to Phoenix Hair Academy is an unrivaled experience where you can escape the frenetic pace, relax and unwind in the tranquil surrounds of the premier luxurious salon. When clients enter Phoenix Hair Academy they enter a world of aesthetic advancement where the sole objective is to realize the client’s full beauty potential…

Most of these causes are due to stress from external factors such as mechanical, physical, and environmental. Physical and mechanical breakage is a result of rough housing with your hair. For example, improper untangling, brushing wet hair or excessive blow drying can all cause split ends. Environmental breakage is caused by environmental factors that damage or break the hair.  A good example is dryness that is caused from the hot summer sun.

Some hair splitting behavior is also internal. The strength of your hair and its susceptibility to split ends can be directly related to your diet, hormones, and vitamins or minerals.  Nutritional/dietary stresses are usually an excess or deficiency of vitamins, mineral or even hormone that promotes healthy hair.