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Production -Arkay Pictures

Production is an independent audio-visual production company specializing in the production of videos for the corporate market, specifically aimed at personnel training to enhance safety awareness in the workplace.


Arkay Pictures we take pride in the fact that we have always been able to provide our clients with productions made to suit their unique needs – on time and on budget. This has been our hallmark of excellence. We do this by using a client-centered approach, being very thorough throughout the entire production process – from the initial brief with our client, right up to the delivery of the final product, thus making sure that the client receives exactly what they paid for.

A team of dedicated, highly skilled individuals, each a specialist in their own field, are consulted to provide the best approach for each production to ensure the best results. We provide services in producing, directing , writing, filming, animation and editing of video productions.

We use the latest High Definition cameras, digital editing suites; sound recording and mixing equipment as well as a host of top crew members including technicians, scriptwriters, actors, animators and voice artists, ensuring that our productions are always top notch. We are proud to say that no client has ever been left less than satisfied with our work.

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