Wedding Website

Project Description

Wedding Website  Designed By Compu-Tweak on our Responsive Package.

Our Responsive Web design package is our most popular package and can be used for wedding website designs. This responsive web design is fully responsive which means that it resizes and adapts to the phone, iPad, laptop or computer it’s being viewed on.
With up to 10 pages, it’s ideal for wedding website and other corporate designs that has more information to display . We can implement a script on each page so that you can track the traffic to each page of your website through Google analytics.

A wedding website like this usually takes 7 – 14 working days to complete if all information is supplied in a timely manner but it could extent up to 21 working days depending on the clients information.

All Information from the client can be submitted to us via email, Dropbox or in some rare cases even via courier. All meetings/Correspondence can be done via Skype, Facebook, email or if need be at our head office.

During registration an account will be created for you and you will be supplied with a username and password to access your members area on our website. In your Members area you will be able to see your current account status and other details. Please note that on this product and all other products there are payment options available to make payments easier. Payments can be done via EFT / Debit Card / Credit Card or Cash Deposits.

Please note we do not allow sending of mass mail or newsletters, My Mail and Sendgrid can be integrated for this option