Products – and how to add them in your website

Products – and how to add them in your website

Follow these easy steps on how to add your product in your website

Click on product > add product

This will take you to the following screen

At the top give your product a name where it says:  Product name

Description block – Text only

Here you tell your client everything there is to know about your product you can give full details regarding the product being sold / displayed.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Images of your product does not go here

Product Data

This is where you fill in your price of your product

  • Regular price is your selling price
  • Sale price is when you put a product on sale for a period of time.

Product Short Description

This is where you give a brief description of your product.

Product Categories

This section is very important.  If you don’t tell your website where to categorize your specific product it will not now where to display the product and might not show up in the right category on your website.


Please refer to the following for tags –

Product Image / Featured Image

This is where your main image is displayed that shows up on your website.

Product Gallery

You can add additional images here to show different dimensions of your product.

Last but MOST IMPORTANT of all

click on PUBLISH

When you are finished and satisfied with all the content added to display your product on your website please remember to click on publish (for first time adding) or update (when editing a product).  This is very important it is to save your product to your websites database.

You are all done!  

Congratulations on adding your product.  You can view your product by clicking on the appropriate page in your website.

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