Social media, can it effect sales?

Social media, can it effect sales?

“Can social media effect sales?”  Businesses are generating more leads and closing them faster with social media integration. They’re learning how to earn a RESPONSE from potential clients and close them.  Realizing the effects blogs and Facebook accounts have on their sales and taking the necessary steps to make social media produce leads they can work with.

Question: “What is my SOCIAL MEDIA accounts impact on sales?” 

Answer: It creates leads and sales.


So why aren’t you getting more leads and sales with social media?

Probably because you are still asking what the effect is—rather than structuring ways for blogs, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn to create what you want.

You’re thinking like a marketer rather than a sales rep.

People ARE on social media to be ‘sold to’

It sounds logical. But it’s a misunderstood understanding. It glosses over the opportunity staring you in the face.

Right now, your customers are using blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn in ways that occasionally direct them toward a product. Think about how you use the Web.

Ever since humanity became connected to social media and the web, we use it to find…

  • shortcuts to getting things done
  • solutions to fixing problems
  • free ways to learn new skills

Every day, people are constantly becoming leads for businesses who use social media to generate a sale.



Suddenly social media’s impact on sales is clear: leads that generates sales!

Successful social sellers create leads and sales by solving customers problems, in ways that connect to what they sell through a lead from a potential customer.

So, study shows that having an active social media presence like Facebook, Twitter etc. drives sales equally, and an interesting fact, social media purchasing takes place within one week of sharing or favoring an item.


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