How to write a new article, post or latest news on your site

How to write a new article, post or latest news on your site

Here is a quick how to guide on how to write your latest news article using your post function on your website.

Go to post / latest news and click on add new

Now you are ready to do your first post / latest news, here are the steps

Title line

In first white line (where it says enter title here) give your post an appropriate title.

Content Block

the white block below the title line is where you enter your content (write about your subject here or tell people about your latest news)


This is a VERY important part of your post / latest news – it basically works like a “library or filling system”  you need to tell your website where to “file” your post / latest news by choosing your appropriate category.


Tags Serve Three Purposes.

  1. Tags link readers to keyword related content, on or off your post / latest news.
  2. Tags help group content by category and keyword.
  3. Tags are recognized by search engines and tag services crawlers as tags and they are treated like keywords.

Featured Image

This image is very important – it shows the person reading what the post / latest news is about.

Now all your work is done what to do next? It’s quite simple, just click on the publish button.

Your post is now published and will display on your website.

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